NIVEDITHA GRAMABHIVRUDHI SANGHA® was established during the year 2003 – 04 by Mr.V.Narayanappa, the Founder Secretary along with other trustees. The trustees hailed from the surrounding villages of Shidlagatta Taluq of Chickkaballapur district, Karnataka, India.

The organization started off with social service activities like Pre – Metric BCM Hostel, Women Welfare, Medical Relief, HIV Awareness Programs, Promotion of Environment and Ecology concepts to maintain naturo-Ecological Balance.

In a nutshell NIVEDITHA GRAMABHIVRUDHI SANGHA is all set for the execution and conduct of the objectives enumerated above and as a prerogative for the concept of noble social service as its main motto and vision.


An earnest effort was proposed for a contribution to eradicate Social Disparities and to work on the footings of Food and shelter for the old age rural folk, Education and Hostel Facilities, Medical Aid and to Promote a momentum for the cause of the overall improvement of the socio - economic status of the country.....

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